Flex Offense – Complete Coaching Guide

flex offense

The flex offense is a 4-out, 1-in continuity offense that primarily uses down-screens in a screen-the-screener action and the famous ‘flex cut’ to get open layups or jump shots around the high post. It’s primarily a man-to-man offense, but can be used against a zone with some slight adjustments.

It’s a slow-down, patient offense that requires good spacing, ball-movement, passing, shooting, cutting, and screening by all players.

It’s common to see teams reverse the ball to different sides of the court three or four times before creating an open shot at the basket.

10 Best Plays of the 2015 NBA Playoffs

10 Best Plays of the 2015 NBA Playoffs

The NBA playoffs is always my favorite time of the year. 16 teams battle it out to be crowned the NBA Champions in two thrilling months of great basketball.

One of the most intriguing things to me are the plays that teams use. Some they’ve been using all season, some of them are made up on the spot by some of the smartest basketball minds in the game.

Either way, we see a ton of brilliant set plays every playoffs.

Here are the 10 plays that Coach Gibson Pyper considers the best from this years playoffs…

Hand-Off Shooting – Shooting Drill

Hand-Off Shooting Drill

How the Drill Works:

Players at the top of the key dribble down and perform a handoff with a wing player cutting to the top of the key who then takes the shot or drives for the layup.


To work on shooting off hand-offs and performing them as they can be tricky for players to master unless drilled often.

23 Cones – Shooting Drill

23 Cones Shooting Drill

How the Drill Works:

Place 23 cones at the baseline of one end of the floor and split the players up into two teams at the other end of the floor. Players shoot and are ‘rewarded’ by being allowed to go to the other end of the court and have a chance at collecting a cone IF they make another shot. If they miss, they get nothing and return to the end of their line. The team with the most cones at the end of the game wins.


A fun variation to a normal shooting drill that keeps players interested and excited. Players are shooting under a lot of pressure on the second shot.

Speed Shooting – Shooting Drill

Speed Shooting Drill

How the Drill Works:

Three groups line up along the baseline. The first player in the group sprints the floor with the ball, pulls up for a shot, rebounds, then sprints back down the other end and shoots, rebounds, and passes to the next player in line.


This drills makes sure the players are fatigued when shooting the basketball and works on players learning to decelerate and be on balance when shooting the ball.

12 Simple Tactics to Get More Playing Time

12 Simple Tactics

The most common question I get from players is without question “How do I get more playing time?”.

A fair question. Every player wants more minutes on the court and most of them can probably justify why they deserve it.

Coaches understand that it’s tough being a player that gets limited court time. For most, basketball is their favorite thing to do. Most players play during school breaks, after school, before school, anytime they get a chance.

Throughout a game there are limited minutes to divide up and some teams get so large they end up having 7 players on the bench. This doesn’t make a coaches life easy to distribute minutes among players.

So players end up having to compete amongst their teammates for court time. This article is going to share with you 12 tactics you can use to increase the amount of court time you receive each game.

Off the Dribble Form Shooting – Shooting Drill

Off the Dribble Form Shooting

How the Drill Works:

Players practice the 1-2 step or the hop two times with a pump fake and then use the 1-2 step or the hop to shoot a jump shot.


To teach players to shoot off the dribble using either the 1-2 step or the hop with the correct footwork and while balanced. A great drill for players that are usually off balance when they shoot after dribbling.