Speed Shooting – Shooting Drill

Speed Shooting Drill

How the Drill Works:

Three groups line up along the baseline. The first player in the group sprints the floor with the ball, pulls up for a shot, rebounds, then sprints back down the other end and shoots, rebounds, and passes to the next player in line.


This drills makes sure the players are fatigued when shooting the basketball and works on players learning to decelerate and be on balance when shooting the ball.

12 Simple Tactics to Get More Playing Time

12 Simple Tactics

The most common question I get from players is without question “How do I get more playing time?”.

A fair question. Every player wants more minutes on the court and most of them can probably justify why they deserve it.

Coaches understand that it’s tough being a player that gets limited court time. For most, basketball is their favorite thing to do. Most players play during school breaks, after school, before school, anytime they get a chance.

Throughout a game there are limited minutes to divide up and some teams get so large they end up having 7 players on the bench. This doesn’t make a coaches life easy to distribute minutes among players.

So players end up having to compete amongst their teammates for court time. This article is going to share with you 12 tactics you can use to increase the amount of court time you receive each game.

Off the Dribble Form Shooting – Shooting Drill

Off the Dribble Form Shooting

How the Drill Works:

Players practice the 1-2 step or the hop two times with a pump fake and then use the 1-2 step or the hop to shoot a jump shot.


To teach players to shoot off the dribble using either the 1-2 step or the hop with the correct footwork and while balanced. A great drill for players that are usually off balance when they shoot after dribbling.

Weave Layups – Shooting Drill

Weave Layups

How the Drill Works:

Players weave from half court ending in a layup by a wing player. The middle player rebounds the ball, outlet passes, and then the ball is back to the start.


A fast paced drill that works on passing and layups while at full speed and under time pressure. A great drill to get the intensity up at training.

Cincinnati Layups – Shooting Drill

Cincinnati Layups

How the Drill Works:

A line of players at half court and on the wing, and a single player on the free-throw line. The player at half court passes to the player at the free throw line who then passes to the cutting wing player for a layup.


This is a great warm-up drill for young players that works on layups and passing skills. Also great for concentration as we emphasize that the ball should never hit the floor.

2-2-1 Press – Complete Coaching Guide

2-2-1 Press

The 2-2-1 press is traditionally a 3/4 court press. It gives your team great trapping opportunities while being a good press for containment and not allowing easy scores on the other end of the floor. Like all presses, the 2-2-1 press is best run against teams that lack a true point guard and aren’t great […]

Give and Go Shooting – Shooting Drill

Give and Go Shooting Drill

How the Drill Works:

Players weave in and out of the cones, pass to the coach, receive the ball back, and then shoot a variety of shots off the catch switching sides each time they shoot.


A great drill to work on dribbling skills, footwork off the catch, and a variety of shots.

22 Ways to be an Awesome Youth Sports Parent

youth sports parent

Shouting abusive comments, stomping their feet, yelling at the referees, mocking the coach; we all know a negative youth sports parent when we see one.

These images are never a good sight at a youth basketball game. The other parents sitting in close proximity feel embarrassed to be associated with them and their own child watches on in bewilderment at the actions of their parent. There’s really no place for a parent that acts this way in youth sports.