4 Out 1 In Offense – Complete Coaching Guide

4 Out 1 In Offense

The 4 out 1 in offense (also known as ’41’) is one of the most popular and versatile basketball offenses in today’s game at all levels.

As the name suggests, this offense consists of 4 players spaced out behind the three-point line and 1 post player inside.

In this article I will mostly focus on breaking down the version of the zone that keeps the post player on and below the low post as this is the best version for youth basketball as it keeps the lane open for dribble penetration.

Box Floppy Gate – BLOB Man-to-Man Play


Overview of the Play

A super simple gate screen play off a baseline inbounds. The shooter passes the basketball in and then walks to the middle of the key where they’ll receive a gate screen to one side of the floor and a normal screen to the other.

4-Low Flex – BLOB Man to Man Play


Overview of the Play

From a 4-low formation, the ball is passed to the middle players at the top of the key. The play then involves a flex screen and pin down which provides two great open shot opportunities.

Box Gate – BLOB Man-to-Man Play


Overview of the Play

The play begins in a box formation and involves your best shooter setting a simple back screen for a center to get open for a quick layup. The screener then uses a gate screen to open up a catch and shoot from the wing. The play finishes with an open post up by the center.

Flex Warrior – Man to Man Play


Overview of the Play

This play involves numerous screens and many open shot opportunities. I recommend this play to high school and older teams because timing, screening angles, making the right play, and being able to shoot from the outside are all very important.

Double Curls – Man to Man Play


Overview of the Play

UCLA curls allows your team to get open layups at the basket by keeping the lower key open and running guards off screens towards the ring. If the first two players can’t get open, the play ends with a traditional wing pick and roll.

Piston Elevator – Man to Man Play

Piston Elevator - Man to Man Play

Overview of the Play

This is a great play for getting a quick three-point shot. The two guards will look like they’re exchanging wings but your best shooter will quickly cut to the top of the key off an elevator screen for the three-point shot.

Back Screen Post – Man to Man Play

Back Screen Post - Man to Man Play

Overview of the Play

One of my favorite plays for catching the defense off guard getting a quick post up. This occurs on a back screen out of a staggered screen to an open block. If the post isn’t open, there’s a staggered screen for a weak side shooter.