How to Create a Youth Basketball Practice Plan


“Players win games. Coaches win practices”. Practices are the time coaches have the biggest opportunity to impact the basketball skills of a player… Yet I constantly attend practices that are so inefficiently run and that half of training is simply the coach trying to work out what drill to run next. All coaches should be […]

501 Awesome Basketball Quotes

basketball quotes featured

I love collecting and sharing basketball quotes. Basketball quotes are terrific for motivating and inspiring coaches and athletes. Countless times I’ve recited various quotes to my players or fellow coaches and they always have a positive effect. As you go through the quotes below, I encourage you to write down any that inspire you. There […]

Pack Line Defense – The Complete Guide


The ‘Pack Line’ was created by Dick Bennett of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, Wisconsin-Green Bay, University of Wisconsin, and Washington State. It is now commonly used in some form by many coaches including Tom Izzo at Michigan State, Sean Miller and Chris Mack at Xavier, Tony Bennett at Virginia, and Steve Alford at UCLA. For a bit […]

50 Basketball Dribbling Drills – Develop an Amazing Handle


If you’re a basketball coach or parent I bet you have heard these comments from your players… “Coach, I can’t train at home. I don’t have a basketball ring” or “Coach, there’s not enough space to train at home”. These are excuses I hear all too often and it’s not necessarily the players fault. As […]

Two Unbelievably Simple Steps to Becoming a Great Shooter


First off, let’s get this myth out of the way: There are no secrets to becoming a great shooter. It’s not mind-blowingly complex. There’s no secret that only the all-time great shooters know about. There’s not a special drill you can do every time you step into the gym that will make you a knock-down […]

Portland Trailblazers BLOBS and SLOBS from the 2014 NBA Playoffs


I’ve decided to do something a little different today on Basketball For Coaches… For todays blog post I’ve drawn up some of my favourite baseline and sideline out of bounds plays that I’ve seen the Portland Trail Blazers run in the 2014 NBA Playoffs. Terry Stotts is a brilliant play-caller from out of bounds situations. […]