Weave Layups – Shooting Drill

Weave Layups

How the Drill Works:

Players weave from half court ending in a layup by a wing player. The middle player rebounds the ball, outlet passes, and then the ball is back to the start.


A fast paced drill that works on passing and layups while at full speed and under time pressure. A great drill to get the intensity up at training.

Cincinnati Layups – Shooting Drill

Cincinnati Layups

How the Drill Works:

A line of players at half court and on the wing, and a single player on the free-throw line. The player at half court passes to the player at the free throw line who then passes to the cutting wing player for a layup.


This is a great warm-up drill for young players that works on layups and passing skills. Also great for concentration as we emphasize that the ball should never hit the floor.

2-2-1 Press – Complete Coaching Guide

2-2-1 Press

The 2-2-1 press is traditionally a 3/4 court press. It gives your team great trapping opportunities while being a good press for containment and not allowing easy scores on the other end of the floor. Like all presses, the 2-2-1 press is best run against teams that lack a true point guard and aren’t great […]

Give and Go Shooting – Shooting Drill

Give and Go Shooting Drill

How the Drill Works:

Players weave in and out of the cones, pass to the coach, receive the ball back, and then shoot a variety of shots off the catch switching sides each time they shoot.


A great drill to work on dribbling skills, footwork off the catch, and a variety of shots.

22 Ways to be an Awesome Youth Sports Parent

youth sports parent

Shouting abusive comments, stomping their feet, yelling at the referees, mocking the coach; we all know a negative youth sports parent when we see one.

These images are never a good sight at a youth basketball game. The other parents sitting in close proximity feel embarrassed to be associated with them and their own child watches on in bewilderment at the actions of their parent. There’s really no place for a parent that acts this way in youth sports.

Screen Shooting – Shooting Drill

Screen Shooting

How the Drill Works:

Players will start at the top of the key, cut underneath the basket, and then cut off a screen and take a shot using one of the screens on either side of the floor.


This drill will teach your players how to score and make the appropriate read off an off-ball screen.

Partner Form Shooting – Shooting Drill

Partner Form Shooting

How the Drill Works

Players each have a partner and line up about 10 feet apart facing each other. They then shoot the ball to each other using correct technique so that their partner can catch it without moving.


This drill should be used almost every training at a young age until each player has mastered basic shooting technique. It’s a great drill to get in many quick repetitions and gives the coaches a chance to correct the shooting form of all players.

30 and 1 – Shooting Drill

30 and 1 Shooting Drill

How the Drill Works:

Players will split up into groups. The coach picks three different spots on the floor that each group must make 10 shots from and then to finish the game the group must make one long-range shot as the game-winner. Equalling 31 made shots.


A fun, competitive shooting drill that works on shots from different spots on the court.

Chase Down Layups – Shooting Drill


How the Drill Works:

Two lines of players on the baseline at each end of the court. The offensive player starts with an advantage and sprints the court and must lay the ball up while under pressure from the defensive player.


To teach players layups at full speed while under pressure from a defender. Also works on chase-down defense.