1-4 Quick Floppy – Man to Man Play

1-4 quick floppy

Exclusive Bonus: To download the “1-4 Quick Floppy” play as a PDF for free to take to your practices, click here.

Overview of the Play

This play allows a team to get open looks on the perimeter early in an offensive possession. This happens by running an immediate ‘floppy’ out of the 1-4 set where both guards cut off screens to find open space.

Key Personnel:

  • This is a versatile play as every player can potentially get a shot out of it.
  • Preferably your 2 and 3 are good shooters.
  • The point guard must be a good decision maker to find the open player.


Setup: The play starts in a 1-4 high set.

1-4 quick floppy play

1. 1 dribbles down the floor and calls out the name of the play.

2. 2 and 3 cut along the baseline with 2 stopping close to under the rim.

3. 4 and 5 turn and trail once 2 and 3 have cut past them.

4. 3 sets a screen just inside the paint as 4 and 5 set screens a foot outside the low blocks on their respective sides.

5. 2 now has the option of using the staggered screen or the single screen. For this example, 2 uses the staggered screen and cuts to the perimeter.

6. Once 2’s defender has passed through the screen, 3 will cut off the screen the opposite side to 2. For this example, 3 cuts off the single screen by 5.

(If 2 were to use 5’s single screen, 3 would turn and cut to the  perimeter off 4’s screen.)

7. After screening, 4 and 5 immediately duck in and look to receive the quick pass for the layup. Often 4 or 5’s defender will be forced to help on the player cutting to the perimeter which leaves 4 and 5 on smaller defenders.

8. The point guard has now had 4 great passing options which lead to quick open shots.

9. If 2 or 3 catch on the perimeter, the closest post player immediately attempts to get a low seal while the other post player clears to the high post to give them space.

Coaching Points:

  • The players must know who the initial cutter is going to be so that the guards know who must set the screen.
  • The point guard must be a great decision maker at the top of the key. There will be open looks from this play… your point guard must be able to make the pass on time and on-target.