200 Made Shots – Shooting Workout

Workout Overview:

This workout is strictly a shooting workout. It doesn’t incorporate much conditioning, but you do still want to shoot everything at game speed. It can be done with a rebounder but one is definitely not required.

The 200 made shots workout is quick and easy for days when you don’t have much time to get into the gym.

Approximate Duration: 

30 – 40 minutes.

200 Made Shots Shooting Workout:

1. Mikan Drill – 20 makes.

2. Form Shooting: One Hand – 3 Feet Out – 10 makes.

3. Form Shooting: One Hand – 5 Feet Out – 10 makes.

4. Form Shooting: One Hand – 7 Feet Out – 10 makes.

5. Free Throws – 10 makes.

6. Elbow to Elbow – 20 makes.

7. 5 Spot Midrange – 25 makes.

8. 5 Spot Three Pointers – 25 makes.

9. Free Throws – 10 Makes

10. 1-Dribble Pull Up – Four at Each Spot – 20 makes.

11. Free Throws – 10 makes.

12. 1-Dribble Pull Up – Four at Each Spot – 20 makes.

13. Free Throws – 10 makes.

Download as a PDF

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know I love it when players track their shots.

Download and print out this workout for your players. I’ve designed it so that one page should last each player 7 days. Hopefully it encourages them to workout every single day of the week!

Click here to download the 200 Made Shots Workout as a PDF – (Right click and click Save Link As…)

What do you think about this shooting workout? Do you want to see more basketball workouts in future posts? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments!



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