30 and 1 – Shooting Drill

30 and 1 Shooting Drill

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How the Drill Works:

Players will split up into groups. The coach picks three different spots on the floor that each group must make 10 shots from and then to finish the game the group must make one long-range shot as the game-winner. Equalling 31 made shots.


A fun, competitive shooting drill that works on shots from different spots on the court.


  • Split players up into groups of preferably between 3 and 5 players. Though any number will work.
  • Each group has one basketball.
  • Tell the players the three spots they will shoot from before the half court shot. The traditional spots are 10 made shots from the block, the elbow, and the three-point line before the one made half-court shot.


30-and-1 shooting drill1. On the coaches call, players start shooting from the first spot.

2. The players rotate through taking only one shot each, rebounding, and passing the ball back to their line.

3. Once the team has made 10 shots they move on to the next spot. The other team must keep shooting until they make 10 from each spot. All groups do not change when one team makes 10.

4. The first team to make 10 from three spots and then the long distance shot wins!

Scoring System:

  • All shots are worth 1 point.


Shooting Spots – You can pick any three spots on the floor for players to shoot from. These could include:

– Layups
– Baseline
– Wing area
– Top of the key
– Anywhere around 3-point arc.

Long Distance Shot – The long distance shot is a great part of this drill because the players love it and it gives all groups a chance to catch up and win. If you have younger players you can make the three spots closer to the basket and then finish with a three-point game-winning shot or a half-court shot for older age groups.

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  • Tom Moses

    I will be trying this drill next practice.

  • jorja turnbull

    i think i will use this drill for my coaching assignment

    • Awesome Jorja!

      • jorja turnbull

        i think i will use another one called the flex cut but i need to put it into a practice plan for my coach to approve it. any ideas on how to explain it simply but effectively through writing? any tips would be good thanks.

        • Hey Jorja,
          You can download the PDF on this blog post!

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