55 Second Drill – Dribbling Drill

How the Drill Works

This drill is a race against time. Players will attempt to complete four up-and-backs of the court while performing certain challenges which are described in the instructions.


This drill is used to work on ball-handling skills and is also a fantastic conditioning drill. It was designed to be completed in 55 seconds, but you may have to adjust the time according to the age and skill level of your team.


Intermediate – Depending on the time limit you set the team to complete the drill in.


  • Run this drill 4 – 5 players at a time. Get them to line up along the baseline an even distance apart.
  • Each player needs two basketballs. They start the drill using only one but will need the second on the last up-and-back.
  • Coach needs a stopwatch to time the drill.


55 Second Drill 1

  1. On your go the first up-and-back consists of all players dribbling to the end of the court with their right hand, and then back with their left hand.
  2. The second up-and-back consists of the players performing two dribble moves on the way up, and two on the way back. These can be any moves. I make sure my players do four different moves usually at both free-throw lines.
  3. The third up-and-back consists of the pretzel walk going forwards on the way up, and the pretzel walk backwards on the way back.
  4. The final up-and-back is when the second ball will come into play. The player must pick up the second ball and dribble up and back bouncing two balls at once.

Coaching Points

  • Make sure the players have their head up at all times.
  • I’ve found the 55 second mark is often only attainable by more experienced players. If you’re coaching a youth team you may want to back it out to even 1 minute and 10 seconds. Come up with a number you think your team can complete it in and then test it with the drill; that way you’ll know the perfect time for next time you use the drill.


  • Many coaches get the players to wear garden gloves while performing this drill to help work on their ball-handling a little more. It’s an option you have; but I wouldn’t advise it for youth teams.
  • For older teams you could incorporate an extra up-and-back sprint with no basketballs for extra conditioning when they’re tired.

Download Drill as PDF

I know some of you want to download the drill to keep in your personal drill collection (you do have one, right?) so I’ve conveniently made it into a downloadable PDF for you.

Click here to download the 55 Second Drill as a PDF (Right click and click Save Link As…)

What do you think about this drill? Are there any improvements you would make to it? Share your thoughts and help other coaches out in the comments.

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