Box Gate – BLOB Man-to-Man Play


Exclusive Bonus: To download the “Box Gate” BLOB play as a PDF for free to take to your practices, click here.

Overview of the Play

The play begins in a box formation and involves your best shooter setting a simple back screen for a center to get open for a quick layup. The screener then uses a gate screen to open up a catch and shoot from the wing. The play finishes with an open post up by the center.

Key Personnel:

  • Best shooter should start on the weakside low block.
  • Best post-up player should start on the weak-side elbow.
  • Point guard should inbound the basketball.


The play begins in a box formation.


1. 2 sets a back screen for 5 who cuts to the rim looking for the basketball.

2. As 2 sets the screen, that’s when 3 starts to move up the side of the key. 3 can’t move too early or the defense will read the play.

3. Immediately after setting the screen for 5, 2 sprints through a gate screen set by 3 and 4 looking for a catch and shoot on the wing.

4. After screening, 3 and 4 clear out to the top of the key.

5. 1 steps inside the court and sets a cross screen for 5 who looks to duck in for the pass or post up on the ball-side low block.

Coaching Points:

  • The reason the point guard should inbound the basketball is so that the help on the cross screen is a small defender.
  • 3 must wait until 2 is ready to sprint off the gate screen before moving. They should arrive at the same time.
  • 1 must make the pass to 2’s inside shoulder. If they pass to the outside of their body, it will be difficult to catch and shoot.