Back Screen Post – Man to Man Play

Back Screen Post - Man to Man Play

Overview of the Play

One of my favorite plays for catching the defense off guard getting a quick post up. This occurs on a back screen out of a staggered screen to an open block. If the post isn’t open, there’s a staggered screen for a weak side shooter.

UCLA – Man-to-Man Set Play

UCLA set play

Overview of the Play:

This man-to-man play is named after the initial UCLA cut made by the point guard. The play is designed to get your point guard an open shot on the wing off a double screen while the wing player performs a pick and roll.

Baseline Swing – 2-3 Zone Set Play

baseline swing

Overview of the Play:

A 2-3 zone play designed to get a shooter an open shot from midrange or the three-point line. The play achieves this by forcing the baseline defender to play the wing and cutting a player baseline to the short corner.