This ONE THING is Holding You Back From Winning More Games, Developing Better Players, and Improving as a Basketball Coach

championship coaching course

​Have you ever had any of these thoughts running through your head during practice...

  • "Are these drills really helping my players improve?"
  • "Are the players even enjoying the practices I'm creating?"
  • "Do the parents think I'm a good coach?"
  • "Maybe I'm spending too much time on (x)..."
  • "Maybe we should be spending more time focusing on (y)..."

If you've experienced any of these feelings before, then I want to assure you that you're not alone...

During my first few years coaching basketball, I experienced every single one of the emotions listed above countless times.​

And it sucks.

Let me take a few minutes to tell you my story...

Hi. My name is Coach Mac.

I'm the founder of Basketball For Coaches and I've been passionate about the game of basketball since I was 7 years old.

Let me start with an embarrassing story...

At the age of 18, I started coaching basketball for the first time.

I was young, confident, and thought I was destined to be a great basketball coach one day regardless of my lack of preparation.

By that stage, I had been around basketball for the majority of my life.

I thought I knew everything there was to know about the sport...

(Spoiler Alert: I was in for a serious wake-up call.)

When the season started I never created practice plans.

(I didn't think I needed to. I've participated in 1000's of practices before. How hard could it really be?)

I put very little thought into how to structure practice or what drills I should be running with the team...

(I knew which drills our coaches ran throughout my days of youth basketball. I'll just use them. They must be the best, right?)

As you can probably guess, it didn't take long for reality to hit and for my unfounded confidence to take a heavy blow.

Coaching was MUCH harder than I anticipated it would be.

  • We were losing far more games than we were winning.
  • My players weren't developing as quickly as I first thought they would.
  • The parents were getting frustrated.
  • I started to feel like I was letting the players down (which I was).

It was a rollercoaster of emotions.

At the conclusion of the season, I promised myself that I would never be that unprepared ever again.

I went in search of answers...

  • I read every single book on basketball coaching I could find.
  • I search through hundreds of websites and blogs on the internet.
  • I talked to hundreds of coaches at all levels of basketball.
  • I watched more practices than I could possibly count.
  • I studied what the great coaches were doing at each level.

It was a long and painful few years, but I was able to figure out what DOES work and what DOESN'T work.

That's what I'm going to share with you today.​

First, the mistakes you must avoid...

(I made most of these.)

5 Practice Mistakes You Must Avoid at All Costs

Mistake #1 - Poor Practice Structure

If you want to develop your team to reach their full potential, you must be setting up your practice structure for success.

If you want to develop your team to reach their full potential, you must be setting up your practice structure for success.

The most common mistake coaches make in regards to practice structure is spending too much time on strategy during practice.

(Strategy refers to offense, defense, and set plays).

It's great having a team that runs an offense that looks cool...

But often the players are simply passing and cutting where they're supposed to instead of learning to read the defense and make decisions.

Mistake #2 - Wasting Valuable Practice Time

Leading off mistake number one, mistake number two is coaches wasting valuable practice time with inefficient practices or poor practice structure.

Every single day I receive emails from coaches complaining about the lack of playing time they have...

And then I see many of these same coaches running a practice that looks something like this:

  • 15 Minutes - Warm up
  • 15 Minutes - Run a shooting drill
  • 10 Minutes - Drink break and a few free-throws
  • 40 Minutes - Practice Set Plays
  • 10 Minutes - Cool Down

This is not a good practice structure...

Mistake #3 - Not Running Drills that Suit Your Team

The drills you use at practice must do two things...

a. The drills must translate to in-game improvement.

b. The drills must suit the team you're coaching.

It's also important that coaches have a variety of drills to keep practice fresh and interesting for the players.

The last thing you want is bored players during practice.

Mistake #4 - Not Continuing to Develop Coaching Knowledge

One of the biggest mistakes many coaches make is forgetting to continue expanding on their coaching knowledge.

Basketball is a complex game filled with thousands of different strategies, tactics, and details.

There is ALWAYS something new to learn.

Coaches who want to improve must be constantly communicating with like-minded coaches and expanding their knowledge.

Mistake #5 - Not Providing Players with Workouts

If players are only working on their game during team practices, they will never be able reach their full potential.

The only problem...

Players have no idea what they should be doing when they're working out by themselves!

If we leave it up to them they'll simply go to the gym and throw up three-point shots while chatting with friends.

That's why we must educate them on the importance of working hard individually and provide them with workouts to improve their game.

​So, What Will Improve My Team?

Along with figuring out what mistakes coaches were making, I was also able to figure out what DOES work...

There were two important truths that stood out from the rest...

Truth #1 - Creating and Running Effective Practices is the Most Important Part of Coaching Basketball

Most young coaches believe they make their biggest impact during games when coaching their team...

This could not be further from the truth.

Coaches have the biggest opportunity to make an impact and help their players during practices.

Yet there were very few coaches giving practice the attention it deserved.

Truth #2 - There is a Lack of Information on How to Correctly Create Great Basketball Practices

The second truth became clear very quickly after discovering how important creating and running great practices is.

I was searching high and low for information on how to structure practices, which drills to use, how long to spend on each drill, what to focus on, etc...

And do you know how much decent information I found?


The Breakthrough...

Over the next few years, I put my head down and became determined to figure out the secrets to developing players and a team.

I started to piece together different bits of information in an attempt to make sense of all that I had learned along the way.

But I had a problem...

There was only one of me and I couldn't possibly test it all myself.

So working with a few other coaches from the BFC community, we tested out tons of different theories to see which ones really worked.

We tested hundreds of different drills to see which ones improved players and which ones were a waste of practice time.

We tested different practice structures to see which ones were simple to create but also provided maximum benefits.

And much more...

It's now a few years later and the results have been amazing...

I've been able to help hundreds of coaches improve their basketball teams and achieve the success they've always dreamed of having.

I started sharing my ideas with other coaches who started implementing my thoughts with their teams...

  • Coaches like Jason who I was able to assist him as he lead his team to an 12 - 0 undefeated season against bigger, stronger, and more experienced opponents.
  • And David who sought out my advice after 18 straight losses. His team has now won a championship and they regularly compete with the top competition at high-end tournaments.

​As you can see, the advice I discovered has been proven to work.

If you want to achieve similar results, then I've got something special for you.

Let me introduce to you...

The 'Championship Coaching Course'

The Championship Coaching Course is the complete package of resources you need to win more basketball games, develop better players, and improve your ability to coach.​

I have spent over a year putting together this course that will provide you with:

  • All of the drills that we've rigorously tested and have proven to be MOST effective for developing players.
  • The exact knowledge you need in order to create fantastic practice plans that will truly improve your basketball team.
  • A community of other basketball coaches to share ideas with and learn from.

Let me walk you through the course step-by-step and show you what's included...

What does the Championship Coaching Course include?

The Championship Coaching Course includes 11 resources...

Resource #1 - 30 Team Rebounding Drills

Team Rebounding Drills

​Every single day I receive emails from coaches requesting rebounding drills and complaining about the lack of height on their team...

"Coach Mac. There's no way we can be a great rebounding team. We're too short!'​

​Please understand this...

It doesn't matter whether you're coaching a team of short players or a team blessed with height...

Any team CAN be a great rebounding team.

Within this eBook I will share:

  • The #1 trait that ALL great rebounders possess.
  • The 3-step rebounding method players MUST use every time a shot is taken.
  • 30 rebounding drills that will have your team pulling down every board!

Resource #2 - 30 Team Defense Drills

team defense drills

Being a great defensive team is crucial if you want to have any success on the basketball court.

There are many great coaches who have pointed out its importance...

"Good basketball always starts with good defense!" - Bob Knight

"Defense brings teams together. Offense makes teams feel good, but the defense is what brings teams together" – Doc Rivers

​You must focus on the defensive end of the floor.

Within this eBook I'll share...

  • EXACTLY what you should be emphasizing to your players on defense.
  • Why you should NEVER have a bad defensive night.
  • 30 defensive drills that will have your players playing lockdown defense.

Resource #3 - 30 Team Passing Drills

team passing drills

If you want your team to take good shots on offense, your players must be able to move the basketball around the court.

​A team that can pass the basketball effectively will force the defense to rotate and move them into tough positions.

So basically...

The better your team can pass the ball, the more opportunities your team will have to put points on the scoreboard.​

Within this eBook I'll share...

  • The two types of passing drills and why you MUST teach both.
  • Why being a great passing team is so important.
  • 30 passing drills that will have your players playing REAL team basketball.

Resource #4 - 30 Team Dribbling Drills

team dribbling drills

​If you're coaching a young team, dribbling drills must be frequently used during your practices.

There are a number of reasons for this...

  • Dribbling drills keep all players involved at all times.
  • It's the easiest skill for players to start learning.

​This eBook will make sure you have the best dribbling drills to improve your players!

Within this eBook I'll share...

  • Two important points you MUST keep in mind when teaching dribbling drills.
  • Why being able to dribble with both hands is crucial for young players.
  • 30 dribbling drills that will keep all players active and enjoying practice!

Resource #5 - 22 Small-Sided Games

small sided games

Incorporating small-sided games into your practice plans is an absolute must for coaches in youth sports today.

Here are just a few of the benefits...

  • More touches.
  • Easier decision-making.
  • More opportunities to score.
  • Increased space.
  • Involves all players.
  • Breaks down the game into chunks.
  • Eliminated defensive presses and zones.
  • Teaches players when to use a skill.

Within this eBook I'll share...

  • The answer to "Why are small-sided games so important?"
  • The best drills/games to use any amount of players.
  • 22 small-sided games you can use to allow players to compete in game-like scenarios.

Resource #6 - 101 Team Shooting Drills

team shooting drills

Yep, that's not a typo... 101 team shooting drills.

A lot, isn't it?

Youth players are not like professional athletes. We can't expect them to use the same drill over and over again while continuing to have fun and improve.

​(I used to use the same drills for way too long!)

Players need variety to keep them engaged!​

You’ll receive every single great team shooting drill that I’ve collected and created over many, many years…​

Within this eBook I'll share...

  • 7x Form Shooting Drills
  • 6x Free Throw Shooting Drills
  • 11x Full-Court Shooting Drills
  • 51x General Shooting Drills
  • 9x Layup Drills
  • 8x Screen Shooting Drills
  • 9x Shooting Games

​Never again will you struggle to find an exciting shooting drill that will develop your players.

Resource #7 - 36 Complete Team Practice Plans

basketball practice plans

​When I first started coaching I used to take 1.5 - 2 hours every single time I created a practice plan.

That's a lot of time...​

To save you this hassle, I've created 36 complete practice plans that you can immediately print off and use with your team.

​Each practice plan is broken up into three columns...

  1. Time - Exactly how much time you plan to spend running each drill.
  2. Drill - Which drill you plan to run with a brief description.
  3. Coaching Points - The points of emphasis you must remember throughout the drill.

​These are the practice plans included in the eBook:

  • 4x Beginner 60-Minute Practice Plans
  • 4x Beginner 90-Minute Practice Plans
  • 4x Beginner 120-Minute Practice Plans
  • 4x Intermediate 60-Minute Practice Plans
  • 4x Intermediate 90-Minute Practice Plans
  • 4x Intermediate 120-Minute Practice Plans
  • 4x Advanced 60-Minute Practice Plans
  • 4x Advanced 90-Minute Practice Plans
  • 4x Advanced 120-Minute Practice Plans

That's 36 basketball practice plans to suit all ages, skill levels, and lengths of practice.

Using these practice plans will GUARANTEE that your practices will be effective.​

Also within this eBook I'll share...

  • Complete breakdown of the EXACT practice structure I use.
  • The two offense and two defenses I recommend for all basketball teams.
  •  5 ways to ensure your players LOVE coming to practice.

Resource #8 - 50 Basketball Plays

50 basketball plays

​As the coach, it's your responsibility to put your players in positions that give them the best opportunity to score.

This is commonly done through an offense or by running set plays.

This eBook contains an incredible 50 basketball plays that you can implement on any team you coach.​

​"Why so many?"

Because every team has their strengths at different positions and each player has specific ways they prefer to score the basketball.

​I guarantee you'll find several plays contained within this eBook that will put your team's best player in their favorite position to score.

The basketball plays included in this eBook are:

  • 7x BLOB 2-3 Zone Plays
  • 7x BLOB Man-to-Man Plays
  • 7x SLOB Man-to-Man Plays
  • 12x 2-3 Zone Set Plays
  • 17 Man-to-Man Set Plays

​Also within this eBook I'll share...

  • The EXACT number of plays I recommend for youth basketball.
  • 3 incredibly important tips you must follow to successfully complete set plays.
  • Why you should NEVER select plays because you think they 'look cool'.

Resource #9 - 20 Individual Shooting Workouts

individual shooting workouts

It goes without saying that your players cannot become great shootings in the couple of hours of team practice they participate in each week.

To develop into a great shooter, players must be shooting outside of team practices in their own time as well.

Both coaches and players know this...

But the problem is that most players have no idea what they should be doing when training by themselves!

That’s why I’m providing you with 20 individual shooting workouts that you can print off and give to your players.

To name just a few of the shooting workouts you will receive:

  • Advanced Guard Shooting Workout
  • 30-Minute Post Shooting Workout
  • 300 Made Shots Shooting Workout
  • Get 'Em Up Shooting Workout
  • Three-Point Specialist Shooting Workout
  • Plus 15 More Complete Individual Shooting Workouts!

These shooting workouts will ensure that when your players are in the gym, they're REALLY improving their shooting abilities.

Resource #10 - Unlimited Consulting with Coach Mac


For 90 days after your purchase, you will have direct access to my personal email address (not many people have this).

You will be able to email me at any time with any and all questions you have in regards to coaching basketball or simply basketball in general.

  •  Want me to review your practice plan? Sure thing!
  • Want me to assist you in deciding which drills best suit your team? No problem.
  • Having problems with difficult parents and you're not sure what to do? I'll help you.
  • Feeling lost in the whole coaching experience? I'll point you in the right direction.

​I will personally assist you with anything you need!

Resource #11 - Private Basketball Coaching Community


You’ll have access to a private FaceBook group where coaches from all over the world can share ideas on shooting and all other aspects of basketball.

I'll be checking in every day to make sure any questions are answered, share my thoughts on shooting and coaching, and to give advice to anyone that needs it.​

We’ll have our own basketball coaching community!​

​One last thing...

There's a lie that many veteran coaches want you to believe...

The myth that you MUST spend years and years coaching before you're experienced enough to develop players quickly and coach a successful basketball team.

This simply isn't true.

You can skip many years of trial and error by learning from the experiences and mistakes other coaches have made.

By signing up to a proven course, you will receive the exact drills and practice plans that have been proven to develop players and teams.

This will save you years of trial and error.

So you have two options...

1. Continue with your current knowledge and spend season after season losing games while you test which drills are effective.

2. Sign up for the 'Championship Coaching Course' and immediately receive the exact drills and practice plans that will improve your team and put you on the path to success.

Prove to the players and parents that you can lead a team with confidence.

Develop the skills of every player on your team.

Win more games.

Let's do this...


One-Time Payment of $97

  • 30 Team Rebounding Drills
  • 30 Team Defense Drills
  • 30 Team Passing Drills
  • 30 Team Dribbling Drills
  • 22 Small-Sided Games
  • 101 Team Shooting Drills
  • Private Basketball Coaching Community
  • 36 Team Practice Plans
  • 50 Basketball Plays
  • 20 Individual Shooting Workouts
  • Unlimited Consulting with Coach Mac

Prices listed in USD.


One-Time Payment of $197

  • 30 Team Rebounding Drills
  • 30 Team Defense Drills
  • 30 Team Passing Drills
  • 30 Team Dribbling Drills
  • 22 Small-Sided Games
  • 101 Team Shooting Drills
  • Private Basketball Coaching Community
  • 36 Team Practice Plans
  • 50 Basketball Plays
  • 20 Individual Shooting Workouts
  • Unlimited Consulting with Coach Mac

Prices listed in USD.


Want to know how sure I am that you'll love this course?

I'm so confident that you'll love the Championship Coaching Course that I'm offering you a full 30-day 100% money back guarantee!​

​If for any reason you're not happy with the course, send me an email within 30 days and I'll promptly issue you a refund.​​

What are other coaches saying about the Championship Coaching Course?

Jason Waller Basketball Coach

My team consisted of eight players, only two of whom ever played recreational basketball previously.

I had no expectations of going undefeated, 12-0, and winning the championship in a league with teams who were bigger, stronger and more experienced. But that's exactly what happened!

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that Coach Mac's system paved the way to that success.

I followed his practice plans religiously. Our team had the highest morale in the league, and it wasn't just because we were winning (although that probably didn't hurt).

His drills and practice organization make practices FUN, all while valuable basketball skills are being engrained into the players.

I don't believe in "instant" results, and don't expect any rational coach to either.

However, Coach Mac's program, combined with the discernment to recognize what your players need and when they need it, will no doubt enhance the skills of your players, make the game enjoyable for you and the fans, and create a love of basketball that will sustain your players for years to come.

“Wow, Coach Mac has outdone himself again.

The biggest struggle for youth coaches is having meaningful practices that are both fun and productive for the players.

What Coach Mac has done is break down the various aspects of the game into 5 skills (passing, dribbling, rebounding, shooting and defense) with over 30 drills per skill.

This allows me as a coach to not have to do the same drill over and over again which helps keep it fun and the kids more engaged.

He then went out of this world by having a box of “small sided games” I can choose from – the small sided games allows the skill to be performed in a game like situation which turbo charges the kids development.

I started a boys team a little over 2 years ago, they had never played basketball before and we started off 0-18 (we got beat one time 48-2 and we were lucky to score the two points) – fast forward to today we won our league and compete in high end tournaments and do very well.

Much of our success can be attributed to Coach Mac and his drills BUT also his generosity in helping if I have questions.

I recommend this Championship Coaching Course to those coaches that want the absolute best for their players.

David Fields 6th Grade Coach

​Frequently Asked Questions...

1. "I've only just started coaching recently, is this course suitable for people new to basketball coaching?"


Every single resource within the Championship Coaching Course (drills, practice plans, plays) is broken down and explained in terms that even a complete basketball novice could understand.

There is no complicated lingo.

And on the off-chance that something does trip you up, you can send an email straight to the support email and we'll make sure to clear things up for you as soon as possible.

2. "What age groups is the Championship Coaching Course designed for?"

The drills included in the course primarily targeted at all youth basketball and high school teams.

(Although teams of a high level could definitely benefit from the course too.)

All of the drills include a 'variation' section where I list different ways you can adjust the drill to make it easier or harder depending on the age and skill level of the team you're coaching.

This is convenient because it means the same drills that can be used by players beginning to learn the game can be adjusted to challenge players at the high school level and above.

3. "What exactly is the Championship Coaching Course? And how does it work?"

The Championship Coaching Course is a series of 9 PDF's that will be available for you to download immediately after purchasing.

You will also receive access to a private FaceBook group for the purchasers of the Championship Coaching Course and also my personal email address to reach out any time you need.

You will have lifetime access to each resource and have the ability to download each eBook and print them if you choose to.

4. "How detailed are each of the drills and the practice plans?"

Every drill has been thoroughly broken down and explained in terms that even someone who has never stepped foot on a basketball court could understand.

Each basketball drill is divided up into 6 sections:

  • ​Overview
  • How the Drill Works
  • Setup
  • Instructions
  • Variations
  • Coaching Points

And each practice plan is split up into three columns:

  1. ​Time
  2. Drill
  3. Coaching Points

5. "Seriously, is the Championship Coaching Course right for me?"

If you've made it this far down the page and you're still not sure if it's right for you, let me explain the 2 types of coaches this course can help.

  1. If you've never coached before but you're looking to start, this course will provide you with the exact drills and practice plans to use to ensure you're setting up your team for success.
  2. If you're already coaching, this course will allow you to upgrade your practice by providing you with new and improved basketball drills to add variety to your practices and further improve your players.

Ready to get started?


One-Time Payment of $97

  • 30 Team Rebounding Drills
  • 30 Team Defense Drills
  • 30 Team Passing Drills
  • 30 Team Dribbling Drills
  • 22 Small-Sided Games
  • 101 Team Shooting Drills
  • Private Basketball Coaching Community
  • 36 Complete Team Practice Plans
  • 50 Basketball Plays
  • 20 Individual Shooting Workouts
  • Unlimited Consulting with Coach Mac

Prices listed in USD.


One-Time Payment of $197

  • 30 Team Rebounding Drills
  • 30 Team Defense Drills
  • 30 Team Passing Drills
  • 30 Team Dribbling Drills
  • 22 Small-Sided Games
  • 101 Team Shooting Drills
  • Private Basketball Coaching Community
  • 36 Complete Team Practice Plans
  • 50 Basketball Plays
  • 20 Individual Shooting Workouts
  • Unlimited Consulting with Coach Mac

Prices listed in USD.