Chase Down Layups – Shooting Drill


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How the Drill Works:

Two lines of players on the baseline at each end of the court. The offensive player starts with an advantage and sprints the court and must lay the ball up while under pressure from the defensive player.


To teach players layups at full speed while under pressure from a defender. Also works on chase-down defense.


  • Two lines of players on the baseline at each end of the court.
  • Offensive line all have a basketball.
  • A coach at each end of the court to start the drill.


1. Coach starts by bringing the offensive player out a few steps depending on how fast they are compared to the defense to give them the fast break advantage.

2. On the coach’s call, the offensive and defensive player sprint the floor.

3. The offensive player’s goal is to make the layup and the defensive player’s goal is to challenge the layup without fouling.

4. After the make or miss, both players join the end of the lines at their current end of the floor.

Scoring System:

We usually don’t keep score in this drill but if you want to you can create a competitive scoring environment, you can by playing until a player makes a certain amount of layups.


Opposite Side of the Floor – Perform the drill from the other side of the floor so that the players have to dribble and make a layup with their left hand.

Have you used this drill with your team? I’d love to hear any other variations or changes you’d make to the drill.

  • Hey Jeff,
    Fair enough that’s a good variation.
    When we run it, we have a coach determine the starting positions so they can move the slower player up further if they need to. Usually the coaches are spot on!

  • Hey Mark,
    Awesome modifications. Any coach reading your comment would be wise to implement them into this drill!