Double Curls – Man to Man Play


Exclusive Bonus: To download the “Double Curls” play as a PDF for free to take to your practices, click here.

Overview of the Play

UCLA curls allows your team to get open layups at the basket by keeping the lower key open and running guards off screens towards the ring. If the first two players can’t get open, the play ends with a traditional wing pick and roll.

Key Personnel:

  • A well-rounded play that doesn’t require any player to have a specific skill-set.
  • The player that receives the basketball on the wing (3) should be able to attack and make good decisions out of the pick and roll.


Setup: The play starts in a 1-4 high formation.

UCLA Curl - Man to Man Play

1. 1 passes to 3 on the wing.

2. 1 then performs a UCLA cut off 5’s screen looking to receive the pass for the open layup. If it’s not open, 1 clears out to the weak side corner.

3. 4 and 5 then set a staggered screen for 2 who curls towards the ring looking to receive the pass for the open layup also. If they don’t receive the pass they clear out to ball side corner.

4. 4 pops out to the top after screening to create space.

5. 5 then sets a pick and roll for 3 who attacks the rim hard looking to score or create a play for a teammate.

Coaching Points:

  • This is a great play because it keeps the post defenders out of the paint. On the pick and roll, the only inside defender will be the defensive point guard.
  • The players curling to the rim should be leading with a hand where they want the basketball and calling for it if they’re open.