Duke – BLOB Man-to-Man Play


Exclusive Bonus: To download the “Duke” BLOB play as a PDF for free to take to your practices, click here.

Overview of the Play

This play is designed to get great open midrange and three-point shots around the perimeter. If none of the shots are open, the team can either post up one of the bigs or set a ram screen for the perimeter player.

Key Personnel:

  • This play works best if 1, 2, and 3 can hit an open outside shot.
  • 2 should be the team’s best creator out of a pick-and-roll.
  • 5 should be your team’s best post player.
  • 4 should be your team’s best screener.


Setup: The play begins with one player on the free-throw line and 3 players lined up on and between the low blocks.

duke-blob-play-diagram-01If any of these shots are open, the player should shoot it!

1. The play begins with 5 setting a screen for 3 pops out to the corner.

2. A second later (timing is important), 4 sets a down screen for 1 who cuts to the top of the key.

3. 4 then immediately sets another screen for 2 who cuts from the inbounding position to the wing.

4. As 2 catches on the perimeter, 4 will set a final cross-screen for 5.

5. From here we have a few options…

a. 5 can receive the quick pass inside for the layup or post up on the blow block.

b. 5 can sprint up and set a screen on 2’s defender and we’re now in a pick and roll with fantastic spacing.


Coaching Points:

  • The final screen is called a ‘Ram Screen’. It’s effective because 5’s defender will be trailing the play after being screened by 4 which will mean there’s no defender to show on the screen which leaves 2 open for the shot or driving to the rim with a post defender closing out late.
  • All players must be looking to catch and shoot on every catch. They’ll all be coming off screens so some will be open!