Fatigue Shooting – Shooting Drill


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How the Drill Works:

Players are in groups of 3 or 4. The drill involves each player passing the ball to a shooter, sprinting the floor, receiving a pass for the shot, and then rebounding their own shot to pass to the next person.


A fast-paced drill that allows athletes to practice shooting while fatigued. Great drill to improve conditioning in all players.


  • Players must be in groups of 3 or 4.
  • In each group – A player on each baseline and a player in the middle of the court.
  • If in groups of 4, an extra player behind one of the players on the baseline.
  • Both players on the baseline have a basketball.
  • Maximum of 3 groups on one court.


Instructions based on the drill being run with three groups of three players on a court.

Fatigue Shooting1. The three players in the middle of the court all sprint the same direction towards their partner. They receive the ball in shooting stance from the distance designated by the coach and take a shot.

2. After the shot, the shooter rebounds their own ball and dribbles the ball out of bounds and waits to pass to the next player in their group.

3. The player who passes the ball to the shooter immediately sprints down the other end of the court after passing and now becomes the next shooter.

4. They will receive the pass off the player in their group at the other end of the court who will then sprint towards the original end to receive the pass from the first shooter.

5. This cycle continues for the designated amount of time.

Scoring System:

Timing Options:

Set time limit – Coach can decide on a specific amount of time to run the drill. Usually 1 – 2 minutes.

Set amount of makes – Players shoot until a team reaches the certain amount of makes set by the coach.

Scoring Options:

Score as groups – The groups keep their own score and are playing against each other.

Score as a team – All groups on the court count their score together. This requires the use of at least one coach down each end of the court to keep track of the amount of makes.


Everyone has a ball – This means that players will be full court speed dribbling into a shot instead of receiving a pass. The change over occurs when the player has taken a shot and got their rebound. Then the next player sprints down the other end.

Distance of shot – You can run this drill using any of the following shots:
– Layups/Floaters
– Mid-range
– 3-pointers
– 1-dribble pull-up
– 2 dribble pull-up

Have you used this drill with your team? I’d love to hear any other variations or changes you’d make to the drill.

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