Hand-Off Shooting – Shooting Drill

Hand-Off Shooting Drill

Exclusive Bonus: Download the hand-off shooting drill for free as a PDF and learn the three main coaching points you MUST enforce with your players when running this drill.

How the Drill Works:

Players at the top of the key dribble down and perform a handoff with a wing player cutting to the top of the key who then takes the shot or drives for the layup.


To work on shooting off hand-offs and performing them as they can be tricky for players to master unless drilled often.


• Two lines at the top of the key. Both have two basketballs in each line.

• One line of players on the lower end of each wing.


hand-off-shooting1. The first players from the top of the key dribble down to the wing on their respective sides. At the same time, the wing player should be making cut towards the baseline.

2. Making sure to change speeds, the wing player explodes up towards the wing and receives the hand-off and performs a certain shot.

3. The person that hands off the basketball joins the end of the wing line.

4. The shooter rebounds their basketball and then joins the line at the top of the key on the opposite side from the one they shot from.

Scoring System:

• No scoring system but you can set a target amount of makes for the team to reach in a certain amount of time.


Shooter – Step back and shoot without dribbling, one-dribble pull-up from the elbow, two dribble attack the rim for a layup, drive baseline as if the defender cheated under the screen.

Have you used this drill with your team? I’d love to hear any other variations or changes you’d make to the drill.