Screen Shooting – Shooting Drill

Screen Shooting

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How the Drill Works:

Players will start at the top of the key, cut underneath the basket, and then cut off a screen and take a shot using one of the screens on either side of the floor.


This drill will teach your players how to score and make the appropriate read off an off-ball screen.


  • Two chairs or cones to act as the screen on both sides of the floor.
  • All players lined up at the top of the key.
  • Everyone has a basketball except the person at the front of the line.


The 4 main cuts off the screen are:

1. Flare cut.

2. Straight cut.

3. Curl cut.

4. Backdoor cut.

screen shooting 11. Instruct the players which cut they should be using off the screen. You can run 1-2 minutes of each cut or let them choose themselves.

2. To start the drill the first player cuts directly underneath the basket before changing pace and exploding out to use one of the screens. The next person in line passes to the shooter off the screen.

screen shooting 23. After the shot the player that passed the ball then becomes the cutter and uses the screen on the other side of the floor before receiving a pass from the next player in line.

4. This process continues for the drills duration.

Scoring System:

  • No scoring system.
  • Run the drill for the coaches desired amount of time.


Two Lines – If you have a lot of players, instead of running one line in the middle of the floor you can create two lines at the top of the key about 1 metre apart. This means each group sticks to their own side of the floor and runs off the same screen every time, but you will get up double the amount of shots.

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