Celtic Drill – Transition Drill

How the Drill Works Without the ball touching the ground, three players will sprint the length of the court four times completing a series of passes looking to complete four consecutive layups. Purpose The Celtic Drill will work on the accuracy of long transition passes, running the floor, court awareness, and will also build your […]

55 Second Drill – Dribbling Drill

How the Drill Works This drill is a race against time. Players will attempt to complete four up-and-backs of the court while performing certain challenges which are described in the instructions. Purpose This drill is used to work on ball-handling skills and is also a fantastic conditioning drill. It was designed to be completed in […]

Defensive Drill – Big Man Perimeter Isolation

Remember all the times one of your big men got switched onto a guard and they isolated on the perimeter? The guard probably got into the lane for an easy score right? This was probably because your big man was lost and had no idea what to do. When bigs get switched onto guards, barely any […]

5 Free Throw Drills for Your Players

Close games are often decided by which teams can make the most free-throws down the stretch. To put it simply, free-throws are the most important shot in basketball. Every basketball coach knows that. But even with this knowledge, most coaches still don’t spend enough time with their team practicing their free-throw shooting. And when they […]