Pick and Roll for Basketball (Offensive Guide)

Let’s start out with a bold (and true) statement…

“The pick and roll is the most effective action in basketball. This is true from youth basketball all the way up to the NBA level.”

But there’s one problem…

Many coaches are missing out important details when teaching their players how to execute the screen and roll.

These simple details can result in your team missing out on many points every game.

The 4 Options When Using a Pick and Roll for Guards

In a previous article I gave an overview of the correct way to use a pick and roll; but now I want to get position specific. Let’s talk about the different options that the guard has when using a screen. The guard has four different options. For this reason, the guard must be a very […]

The Offensive Guide to the Pick and Roll

The pick and roll is one of the most effective, oldest, and most commonly run basketball plays in history. It was first made into an art form by John Stockton and Karl Malone at Utah. It can be devastating against any defense when the players know how to run it properly.   Overview of the […]