How to Beat a 2-3 Zone – 17 Strategies

I want to preface this article with this statement: The 2-3 zone defense should not be allowed in youth basketball.

Instead of listing the reasons why in this article, I encourage you to check out Tyler Coston’s article on the subject which has most of them covered in my opinion.

The 2-3 zone is the most common zone used in the half-court. For better or worse, it’s used by teams of all ages at all levels. So it’s imperative that all coaches are prepared for when their team will face it.

Cutting Up a Zone Defense with the Milton Zone Attack

Today I will share one series of concepts I have developed to attack a zone. The concept I am sharing here will work against any zone with minor adjustments to deployment of players, spacing and knowing who to screen. That said, for the sake of keeping this post simple and understandable, I will make reference […]