Weave Layups – Shooting Drill

Weave Layups

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How the Drill Works:

Players weave from half court ending in a layup by a wing player. The middle player rebounds the ball, outlet passes, and then the ball is back to the start.


A fast-paced drill that works on passing and layups while at full speed and under time pressure. A great drill to get the intensity up at training.


  • Three even lines at half court with at least two players in each. Can be as many more as you have.
  • One basketball in the middle line.


weave layups 1


Instructions for doing this drill for a right-hand layup. Reverse everything for left hand.

1. The middle line player passes the ball to the player running down the left wing who immediately passes it to the player running down the right wing for a layup.

2. Immediately after the left wing player passes the ball they must sprint across the court and get ready to receive the outlet pass.

3. The middle player who started the drill runs down the middle and rebounds the ball after the right wing has performed a layup and continued through.

Weave layups 24. The middle player then turns and passes the ball to the outlet player who catches and immediately passes to the next person in line in the middle line at half court.

5. As soon as the middle player catches the ball the next group repeat the same process.

Scoring System:

  • The team competes against the clock to make as many layups as they can in a certain amount of time.
  • The drill is usually run for 3 minutes.


Left Hand – Reverse the whole drill and have your team perform the drill with a left-hand layup instead of right hand.

Shoot from the Block – Instead of a layup players take a jump shot from the block. I wouldn’t recommend shooting from much further out or the rebounds will be too long and it will ruin the drill.

Have you used this drill with your team? I’d love to hear any other variations or changes you’d make to the drill.