75 Basketball Coaching Clinics You Can Watch Online Right Now


Many coaches spend $100’s each year to attend basketball coaching clinics.

It’s a smart expense for those looking to improve their knowledge.

These clinics give you the opportunity to learn from successful basketball coaches, network with other like-minded coaches in your area, and they’re fun!


Did you know there are basketball coaching clinics that you can watch online for free?

Yep - thousands of hours.

These allow you to learn at your own pace (I love being able to rewind and watch certain parts again), study at a time that’s convenient for you, and they cost you absolutely nothing.

All thanks to online resources like FIBA, Basketball Manitoba, and others.

Below I’ve listed 75 basketball coaching clinics that you can start watching immediately:

1. Games Approach to Teaching Basketball Skills - Kirby Schepp

2. Building a Basketball Practice Plan - Butch Carter

3. Just Let the Kids Play - Bob Bigelow

4. Trends and Observations from Europe - Michael Czepil

5. NBA Academy Africa Skills Clinic - Daniel James

6. Adelaide Coaches Clinic - Don Showalter

7. Player Development for All Levels of Basketball - Jon Giesbrecht

8. Team Shooting & Toughness Drills for Basketball - Drew Hanlen

9. Developing Proper Footwork Skills in Basketball - Tanya McKay

10. Basketball Fundamentals Clinic - Pat Sullivan

11. Don't Teach Them Plays, Teach Them 'How To Play' - Kirby Schepp

12. Basketball Coaching Clinic - Fran Fraschilla

13. Basketball Coaching Clinic - Pat Sullivan

14. Movement Skills for Youth Basketball - Brian McCormick

15. Building a Basic Team Offense for Youth Basketball - Lisa Thomaidis

16. New Jersey Coaches Clinic - Joe Mihalich

17. New Jersey Coaches Clinic - Mike Hopkins

18. New Jersey Coaches Clinic - Steve Pikiell

19. Athletic Development For Basketball Players - Chris McDole

20. Transition Offense - Michelle Belanger

21. Special Situations in Basketball - John Dore

22. Five Star Basketball Camp - Hubie Brown

23. Five Star Basketball Camp - Rick Pitino

24. Purposeful Skill Development for Youth Basketball - Dan Becker

25. Youth Skills with Herb on Hoops - Herb Welling

26. Guard Play (Five Star Basketball) - Todd Lickliter

27. New Jersey Coaches Clinic - Frank Martin

28. New Jersey Coaches Clinic - Bill Self

29. New Jersey Coaches Clinic - Larry Brown

30. New Jersey Coaches Clinic - John Calipari

31. Youth Basketball Skill Development - Dawn Smyth

32. Handling Pressure in Basketball - Rich Chambers

33. Building Your Shooting Form - Dave Love

34. Sonoma State Coaches Clinic (Part 1) - Mike Dunlap

35. Sonoma State Coaches Clinic (Part 2) - Mike Dunlap

36. NBA London Coaching Clinic - Don Showalter

37. Denver Nuggets NBA Clinic - Chris Finch

38. Mainland Eagles Coaching Clinic - Ben Coomes

39. Player’s Clinic - Don Showalter

40. Forestville Coaches Clinic - Sandy Brondello

41. A Games Approach to Teaching Basketball Skills - Mike MacKay

42. Shooting (Basketball Fundamentals) - Rick Carlisle

43. Spurs Philosophy System Basics - Gregg Popovich

44. Are You Sure We Teach the Shooting - Holger Geschwindner

45. Werribee Coaching Clinic - Paul Goriss

46. Fabege Basketball Coaching Clinic - Borche Ilievski

47. Building a Motion Offense - Dave Crook

48. SABA Offensive System & Moving Beyond the Triple Threat - Brian McCormick

49. Developing Basketball Shooting for All Ages - Barry Hecker

50. Creating Transition Offense with an Effective M2M Defense - Tanya McKay

51. Advanced Movement Principles for Basketball Development - Mike Iwanchuk

52. Improving Basketball Athleticism on a Year Round Basis - Alan Stein

53. Big Man 2.0 - Kirby Schepp

54. Attacking Zone Defenses in Basketball - Kirby Schepp

55. Planning Winning Basketball - Mark Fox

56. Agility and Footwork Clinic - Ido Singer

57. D1 MediaPro Clinic - Fran Dunphy

58. Modern Basketball (Basketball Fundamentals) - John Calipari

59. Team America's Coaching Clinic - Jay Triano and Chris Finch

60. Basketball X's and O's - Jay Triano

61. Basketball ACT Coaching Clinic - Damian Cotter

62. Clinic for 2nd Graders - Bob Bigelow

63. Stanford Coaching Academy - Mark Grabow

64. Essentials for Jump Shooting - Dick Baumgartner

65. Big Man Camp - Pete Newell

66. How to Be a Prime Time Shooter - Stan Kellner

67. D1 MediaPro Clinic - Jim Larranaga

68. D1 MediaPro Clinic - Kevin Ollie

69. Mastering the 1-2-2 Defense - Jeff Lisath

70. Jim Boeheim On Basketball - Jim Boeheim

71. Defending Screens Clinic - Bob Knight

72. Lessons from the FIBA Basketball World Championships - Mike MacKay

73. Basketball Shooting from the Ground Up - Kirby Schepp

74. Building a Fast Athlete for Basketball - Sherwin Vasallo

75. Make Your Practices More Game Like - Mike MacKay


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