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5 Advanced Basketball Stats Every Team Should Track

I have a love / hate relationship with basketball stats.

On one hand, I agree with Marc Gasol who said:

“Stats are killing the game of basketball. A lot of things happen that you can’t measure in stats.”

While on the other hand, I can’t deny that — if used properly — the data produced from tracking basketball statistics can give your team a major competitive advantage.

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How to Become a Basketball Coach (11-Step Guide)

Coaching young people at the youth and high school level is an important job.

Aside from teaching the skills and fundamentals of basketball, a great basketball coach can have a tremendous impact on the life of a child.

The coaching community is in need of quality role models to enter the profession… and more importantly, young people are in need of these role models.

We need more people learning how to become a basketball coach!

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3 Basketball Practice Plans for All Age Groups (7 – 18 Years Old)

Practices are the time coaches have the biggest opportunity to impact the basketball skills of a player…

However, I constantly attend practices that are inefficiently run.

The coach spends half of practice trying to work out what drill to run next.

All coaches should be spending the majority of their time encouraging and providing feedback to their players… not working out what the next drill is going to be.

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