Top 25 Basketball Harlem Shake Videos

There’s a new craze in town called the Harlem Shake, and it’s taking basketball communities all over the world by storm. Some use it as a bit of fun, others are using it because of the viral effect it has as a publicity stunt.

Either way, it doesn’t take away from how entertaining they are to watch.

So without further adieu, here are the top 25 basketball harlem shake videos.


25. Long Beach State Student Section


24. Hialeah Gardens High School


23. Mansfield Uni Men’s Basketball Team


22. Fordham Women’s Basketball Team


21. Monmouth University Student Section


20. Wasilla High School Basketball Men’s Team


19. Colorado Student Section


18. Akron Zips High School Basketball


17. Louisville Men’s Basketball Team


16. Oakland Basketball Men’s Basketball Team


 15. Maryland Student Section


14. Minnesota State Men’s Basketball Team


13. Nebraska Huskers Men’s Basketball Team


12. Auburn Student Section


11. NBA All-Star Mascots


10. Whitewater Men’s Basketball Team


9. FC Bayer Munchen Men’s Basketball Team


8. Toronto Raptors Basketball Team


7. Cedarville Student Section


6. Kansas Men’s Basketball Team


5. Northwestern Oklahoma State Men’s Basketball Team


4. Denver Nuggets Basketball Team


3. Minnesota Gophers Students


2. Miami Heat Basketball Team


1. Souther Miss Student Section

Finally finished? I bet your sick of that music by now!

They were the top 25 basketball related harlem shake videos I found. And trust me, I watched a lot of them.

I hope you enjoyed the list. Don’t forget to share it with other coaches and your players. They’ll love it!

– Coach Mac