Kyrie Irving Reveals the Secret to Mastering the Art of Dribbling


Photo courtesy of Erik Daniel Drost

Have you been wondering the secret to mastering your ball-handling?

Well Kyrie Irving may have provided us with the answer to the question in an interview during the All-Star weekend.

Practice dribbling with the ball in a plastic bag!

Sounds crazy, huh?

That’s what I thought too when I heard about it. I didn’t think it would make much of a difference at all.

But it turns out that the technique is not only supported by Kyrie Irving. He informs us that he picked it up off of a Baron Davis documentary he watched.

Two of the best ball-handlers the NBA has ever seen supporting one uncommon technique? Sounds like we should be paying attention to this more than we have been.

You can watch the video in which he talks about it below…

Have you ever used this technique with your players? Or are you thinking about using it?

I’d love to hear your comments on the topic below. It’s definitely something I’m going to look into more.

– Coach Mac