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Basketball Offense: 19 Strategies Your Team Can Use

Coaches frequently repeat the old adage, “Defense Wins Championships”.

And while there is a lot of truth to that, we all must remember that your team needs to put points on the scoreboard to stand any chance of winning.

As coaches, it’s our job to put our team in a good position to score.

That’s where your basketball offense comes in.

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7 Keys to a Successful Motion Offense in Basketball

There are few things more enjoyable than watching a well-executed motion offense. The basketball zips quickly around the perimeter, players are constantly cutting and screening for each other, and the team always seems to find a wide open shot. It’s beautiful basketball. But an offense like this doesn’t ‘just happen’… Especially if your method is simply finding 7 better-than-average […]

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Simple 1-3-1 Offense to Dominate a 2-3 Zone Defense

If you’re coaching a youth basketball team, playing against a 2-3 zone can be incredibly difficult.

Your players will often be forced to throw up long-distance shot attempts which have very little chance of going in the hoop.

Until now…

The ‘Trilogy’ 1-3-1 offense will allow your team to get the basketball into the gaps of the opposition’s defense to create scoring opportunities close to the hoop.

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