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How to Dominate as a Power Forward in Basketball (Tips and Tricks)

The power forward (also known as the “four”) is an integral part of any basketball team that intends to play with toughness and physicality.

Traditionally, the power forward is a player who is bigger and stronger than the point guard, shooting guard, and small forward, but a bit shorter and quicker than the center.

The power forward is primarily considered an interior player that scores in the post.

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How to Score 27+ PPG as a Shooting Guard (11 Secrets)

The shooting guard could be the most famous position in basketball.

It’s a position that has been filled by many legendary basketball players including the greatest player of all time (MJ) and The Mamba (Kobe).

And it’s well known as a “scoring” position.

The player in this role is expected to knock down three-point shots, have the ability to pull up from midrange if necessary, and also be able to drive to the hoop and score.

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