Circuit Shooting Workout by Trainer Ryan Walker

Coach and Skills Trainer    Ryan Walker

Coach and Skills Trainer Ryan Walker

This weeks shooting workout is from coach Ryan Walker. Ryan has trained and coach players that have competed at the high school, college, semi-pro, and professional levels.

Workout Overview:

He’s put together a circuit workout for us that consists on 10 different drills that are to be completed consecutively to make up one circuit. The workout incorporates dribbling and footwork skills to go along with shooting and can be done as an individual with a designated passer or with another player.

Emphasis on shot technique and mechanics, free throw routine, positive first step and not over dribbling, staying square and balanced, proper footwork on cuts, and keeping eyes on target on escape dribble three pointers.

We’ve created three different workouts. One for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced player. Choose your program depending on your current level of skill.

All drills are explained in the PDF which you can download below.

Circuit Shooting Workout:

1. Form Shooting.

2. Mid-Range Game.

3. Consecutive Free Throws.

4. Elbow Jumpers off Dribble.

5. Form Balance Shooting.

6. ‘L’ and ‘V’ Cuts.

7. Consecutive Free Throws.

8. Three Point Game.

9. Form Shooting.

10. Escape Dribble Three Pointers.

Download Workout as a PDF:

Download and print out this workout to give to your players.

Click here to download Ryan Walker’s Circuit Shooting Workout as a PDF (Right click and click ‘Save Link As…’).

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