Shooting Superstars Program Downloads


Thank you for purchasing the Shooting Superstars Program!

One thing before you get started…

As you can see, instead of sending you the PDF’s that will expire in 24 hours (I hate programs like that), I’ve decided to create a page on BFC with all of the resources that you can access at any time for your convenience.

Because of this, I ask that you don’t share the link to this page with anyone else. I’m trusting the honesty of all buyers which I know I can do since I’ve been around this community of great coaches for so long!

If you did arrived at this page without purchasing the Shooting Superstars Program, I ask that you send me an email at [email protected] and let me know how you found the link so I can remove it.

Now, onto the program!


Shooting Superstars Program Downloads

To download the PDF’s, right click and click ‘Save Link As…’ or click the download link when the PDF is in your browser.

11-Point Checklist for Great Shooting Technique

11 Keys Shooting

101 Team Shooting Drills

101 team shooting drills

18 Complete Shooting Practice Plans

18 Practice Plans

20 Individual Shooting Workouts

individual workouts

6 Tips You Must Remember When Running Shooting Drills

6 tips practice


26 Plays to Dominate Your Competition

26 Plays eBook Cover

6 x 30-Minute Shooting Practice Plans

Six 30-Minute Shooting Plans

4 Free Throw Shooting Templates

4 Free Throw Templates


Private FaceBook Community

At the conclusion of the sales week I will send out a personal email to all purchasers of the Shooting Superstars Program requesting the email address that you used to sign up to FaceBook.

Then I’ll add you to the private FaceBook group and we can all get started sharing knowledge and getting to know each other.

It’ll be awesome!


Need to contact me?

If you have any questions or feedback on the Shooting Superstars Program, send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


Thanks again!

Seriously, thank you so much for purchasing the Shooting Superstars Program!

I hope the resources provided assist you developing a better team and becoming a better coach.

– Coach Mac