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6 Mistakes I Made My First Season Coaching Youth Basketball

My first year coaching youth basketball I had the privilege of coaching an under 12 boys basketball team that was made up of nine wonderful kids between the ages of 9 and 10.

Being my first time, I grew tremendously as a coach throughout the season. I was constantly being put into new, challenging situations that allowed me to gain more life and basketball coaching experience.

But, as much as I enjoyed it, the season definitely wasn’t the perfect start to my coaching career that I had initially hoped for…

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How to Double the Post – The 4 Best Tactics

All coaches have been in this situation: We’re in the middle of a game and there’s a post player on the other team that’s completely dominating us. We’ve tried numerous players on them but it’s no use. They’re getting whatever shots they like in the paint. This situation sometimes leaves us with only one option: […]

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