Ubersense: A Must-Have App to Analyse Shooting Form


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I wanted to write a quick, helpful blog post on an free app that I think all basketball coaches would find extremely useful. I found it couple of months ago when I was browsing through the sports category on iTunes. The app is called Ubersense.

I read in the description that it allowed you to record and review athletes in slow-motion to analyse their techniques. I immediately thought, “wow, that sounds pretty cool”, so I checked out their home page. What I found was that it was being used a lot in running, tennis, golf, and a couple of other sports, but I didn’t see any reviews from basketball coaches.

So I thought I’d check it out and see how well it works in our sport. Here’s my review of the app…



Ubersense is a fantastic app that lets you analyze a players shooting technique and provide them with feedback of the changes they need to make.

This is done by recording the players shooting form with the app and then using the app to analyse all the different aspects of the shot.

To analyse the shot you watch the video in slow-motion replay while providing an audio commentary of the changes that need to be made. The app even allows you to use advanced drawing tools to help show the player what you’re referring to.

Once you’ve finished analysing the video, you can send it to your players via e-mail, or on any social networking website.

This allows you to give them a video that they will be able to frequently refer back to and see what changes still need to be made to their form and how they are progressing.

Not to mention the players love the app too! Some of my players have said they’ve been working on the changes that I showed to them and are asking if I can review another video.

I think it’s terrific because you can be anywhere in the world and still be helping your players with their game! Someone else can record the player shooting, e-mail you the video, and then you can analyse it and send it back for them to review!

Anyway that’s it for my quick review. I urge you put this app into action and start helping your players with their shooting form like I have.

You can view the app in the iTunes store by clicking here.

I think it can help all players dramatically.

Are there any other apps you use to help you as a coach? I’d love to hear about any others that I could use.