20 Basketball Shooting Drills for Lights-Out Shooting

Basketball Shooting Drills

If a coach uses the same basketball shooting drills over and over again at practice, there are two main things that will happen...

  1. The team will get bored.
  2. The team will stop giving 100%.​

No coach wants either of these things to happen.

Having a variety of shooting drills to use will make you a better basketball coach and will keep your players excited and interested during your practices.

All basketball shooting drills below contain a downloadable and printable PDF with full instructions on how to setup and run the drill, variations, scoring systems, and coaching points to remember.

Here are 20 team basketball shooting drills that you can use to keep practices fresh and help your team shoot at a higher percentage.

​20 Basketball Shooting Drills

Drill #1 - Hand-Off Shooting Drill

​Hand-offs are difficult for players to execute in games unless they've mastered them in practice.

Use this drill to allow your players to practice scoring a variety of ways off a hand-off.​


Drill #2 - 23 Cones Shooting Drill

A fun shooting drill involving players making shots and getting the opportunity to collect a cone for their team.

The team with the most cones at the end wins!

Great drill for practicing shooting under pressure.


Drill #3 - Pressure Jump Shots

Players must complete 8 total shots while under the pressure of joining the same line again.

Very effective for working on the mental side of shooting.


Drill #4 - Speed Shooting Drill

This drill involves players sprinting before making a pull-up shot at both ends of the floor.

This ensures players are fatigued when shooting which makes the drill much more game-like.​


Drill #5 - Off the Dribble Form Shooting

Players practice shooting off both the 1-2 step and the hop.

This is one of those simple drills that many coaches overlook the importance of.

This is a must for teaching shooting balance.


Drill #6 - Weave Layups

Players make two passes ending with a layup from one of the players who started on the wing.

Players learn to pass out in front and finish at the rim without dribbling the basketball.​


Drill #7 – Cincinnati Layups

Fun warm-up drill that works on passing and layups.

Great drill for raising the intensity of practice or pre-game while making sure your players are concentrating.


Drill #8 – Give and Go Shooting

Players weave in and out of the cones, pass to the coach, receive the ball back, and then shoot a variety of shots off the catch switching sides each time they shoot.

Fun multi-purpose drill!


Drill #9 - Screen Shooting Drill

Players cut underneath the basket and then cut off a screen on either side of the floor.

This drill will allow players to practice shooting off different reads when using the screen.


Drill #10 – Partner Form Shooting

Players find a partner and practice shooting the basketball to each other using perfect form.

Great form shooting drills because taking the rim out of the picture allows players​ to focus 100% on their form.


Drill #11 - 30 and 1 Shooting Drill

During this fun youth basketball drill, teams of players make 10 shots from 3 different spots on the basketball court.

The final shot involves a long-range game-winner.


Drill #12 - Chase Down Layups

One of my favorite layup drills for youth basketball.

Involves players attacking the rim with a lead on their defender and then practicing finish layups while under pressure.

Also works on chase-down defense!​


Drill #13 - Fatigue Shooting Drill

Players in groups of 3 or 4 take it in turns passing, sprinting, shooting, and rebounding.

A fast-paced drill that allows athletes to practice shooting while fatigued.


Drill #14 – Tennessee Shooting Drill

A fast-paced drill that will allow players to get up a lot of reps in a short amount of time.

One of my favorite drills for increasing the intensity of practice!


Drill #15 - Partner Shooting

Players find a partner and take sets of 10 shots each.

This is a great drill for getting up a lot of repetitions of a variety of different shots.

5 spot variety

Drill #16 - 5 Spot Variety

All players start with a basketball and dribble in and finish at the rim with a variety of shots.

A quick drill that is a must-use for youth coaches!

drive and kick

Drill #17 - Drive and Kick

Players practice attacking gaps in the defense before kicking the pass out for the open three-point shot.

Includes a jump shot from the corner.


Drill #18 - Titan Shooting

A great shooting drill to use if you have a large group of kids and limited baskets to shoot on.

Players take a shot, rebound, pass back to the group, and then run a specific distance up the court and back.


Drill #19 - Rainbow Shooting

A high-repetition shooting drill involving players shooting from different areas of the floor.

A great drill to use pre-game or if you have a large number of players and only one basket.


Drill #20 - 31 Shooting Drill

Players take it in turns shooting three shots.

One shot from the three, one from midrange, and one shot inside the key.

The first team to reach 31 points wins.