20 Basketball Shooting Drills

Basketball Shooting Drills

If a coach uses the same basketball shooting drills over and over again at practice, there are two main things that will happen…

  1. The team will get bored.
  2. The team will stop giving 100%.

No coach wants either of these things to happen.

Having a variety of shooting drills to use will make you a better basketball coach and will keep your players excited and interested during your practices.

All basketball shooting drills below contain a downloadable and printable PDF with full instructions on how to setup and run the drill, variations, scoring systems, and coaching points to remember.

Here are 20 team basketball shooting drills that you can use to keep practices fresh and help your team shoot at a higher percentage.

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hand-off-shooting1Drill #1 – Hand-Off Shooting Drill
To work on shooting off hand-offs and performing them as they can be tricky for players to master unless drilled often.


23-ConesDrill #2 – 23 Cones Shooting Drill
A fun variation to a normal shooting drill that keeps players interested and excited. Players are shooting under a lot of pressure on the second shot.


pressure-jump-shotsDrill #3 – Pressure Jump Shots Shooting Drill
Allows players to practice shooting open jump shots while under mental pressure.


Speed-2Drill #4 – Speed Shooting Drill
This drill makes sure the players are fatigued when shooting the basketball and works on players learning to decelerate and be on balance when shooting the ball.


off-the-dribbleDrill #5 – Off the Dribble Form Shooting Drill
To teach players to shoot off the dribble using either the 1-2 step or the hop with the correct footwork and while balanced.


weave-layupsDrill #6 – Weave Layups Shooting Drill
A fast-paced drill that works on passing and layups while at full speed and under time pressure. A great drill to get the intensity up at training.


cincinnati-1Drill #7 – Cincinnati Layups Shooting Drill
This is a great warm-up drill for young players that works on layups and passing skills. Also great for concentration as we emphasize that the ball should never hit the floor.


Give-and-Go-ShootingDrill #8 – Give and Go Shooting Drill
A great drill to work on dribbling skills, footwork off the catch, and a variety of shots.


screen-shooting-1Drill #9 – Screen Shooting Drill
This drill will teach your players how to score and make the appropriate read off an off-ball screen.


partner form shootingDrill #10 – Partner Form Shooting Drill
This drill should be used almost every training at a young age until each player has mastered basic shooting technique. It’s a great drill to get in many quick repetitions and gives the coaches a chance to correct the shooting form of all players.


30-and-1Drill #11 – 30 and 1 Shooting Drill
A fun, competitive shooting drill that works on shots from different spots on the court.


chase-down-layupsDrill #12 – Chase Down Layups Shooting Drill
To teach players layups at full speed while under pressure from a defender. Also works on chase-down defense.


Fatigue-Shooting (1)Drill #13 – Fatigue Shooting Drill
A fast-paced drill that allows athletes to practice shooting while fatigued. Great drill to improve conditioning in all players.


Tennessee-1Drill #14 – Tennessee Shooting Drill
Allows players to work on layups as well as shooting from different areas on the floor. Two other benefits are practicing passing the ball ahead to a teammate running at full speed and the drill is also great for conditioning since the players are under a time limit.


partner-shootingDrill #15 – Partner Shooting Drill
To work on shooting while fatigued. Great drill to get up lots of repetitions when you have a lot of players. Also can work on a variety of shots.


5-Spot-VarietyDrill #16 – 5 Spot Variety Shooting Drill
A great drill for practicing a variety of shots from all over the floor. While I’m usually against lines, this drill moves quite fast and the players will never be standing for too long.


drive-and-kick-Drill #17 – Drive and Kick Shooting Drill
This drill teaches your players how to explode off the dribble and attack gaps in the defense, forcing defenders to help, before passing it out to a teammate for an open shot. To keep the drill fun and competitive, the last player takes a shot from the corner.


Titan-Shooting-DrillDrill #18 – Titan Shooting Drill
A fantastic team conditioning shooting drill if you have a limited number of baskets. The team attempts to make a certain number of shots against a time limit.


raindown-shooting-drillDrill #19 – Rainbow Shooting Drill
This is a great warm-up and shooting drill especially for youth basketball. It gives players a chance to shoot many repetitions from all different spots on the floor and it’s high intensity with everyone encouraging each other.


31 shooting drillDrill #20 – 31 Shooting Drill
A fun drill that works on shooting from all different spots on the basketball court while at game speed.