Steve Nash 20 Minute Shooting Workout – Includes Video

Workout Overview: There will be no chart to accompany this workout. The reason being is that in 20 minutes you won’t have time to chart your makes. The focus is on an intense, non-stop 20 minute shooting workout. This workout is fantastic for all guards who are time poor. Want to get in a workout […]

Post Player Shooting Workout – 355 Made Shots

Workout Overview: This workout is tailored for big players that need to work on their post game. It incorporates different moves off both blocks and both elbows as well as some outside shooting. Approximate Duration: 45 minutes. Post Player Shooting Workout: 1. Mikan Layups – 20 makes. 2. Reverse Mikan Layups – 20 makes. 3. Form Shooting: […]