LeBron James Shooting Workout – Includes Video

Workout Overview:

A few days ago LeBron James released a full hour personal workout video titled LeBronTime. It’s not every day we get such an insight into the workouts of one of the all-time greatest players so I encourage you to sit down when you have an hour spare and watch the whole thing.

In the workout LeBron performs a lot of advanced exercises with bands that I’ve left out of the workout. Most players won’t have the equipment so I’ve focused only on the shooting part of his workout.

Everyone wants to train like the pro’s, so I’ve created the exact workout LeBron performs in the video and turned it into a PDF players can use to improve their game.

Approximate Duration:

30 minutes.

LeBron James Shooting Workout:

1. Right Corner Midrange – 10 Makes

2. Right Wing Midrange – 10 Makes

3. Top of Key Midrange – 10 Makes

4. Left Wing Midrange – 10 Makes

5. Left Corner Midrange – 10 Makes

6. Free Throws – 5 Makes

7. Right Wing: 1 Dribble Pull-Up – 4 Each Direction – 8 Makes

8. Top of Key: 2 Dribble Pull-Up – 4 Each Direction – 8 Makes

9. Left Wing: 2 Dribble Pull-Up – 4 Each Direction – 8 Makes

10. Free Throws – 5 Makes

11. Left Block: Right Hand Hook Shot – 5 Makes

12. Left Block Fadeaway – 5 Each Side – 10 Makes

13. Right Block Fadeaway – 5 Each Side – 10 Makes

14. Right Block: Up-and-Under – 5 Makes

15. Free Throws – 5 Makes

16. Left Corner: 3-Point Shot – 6 Makes

17. Left Wing: 3-Point Shot – 6 Makes

18. Top of Key: 3-Point Shot – 6 Makes

19. Right Wing: 3-Point Shot – 6 Makes

20. Right Corner: 3-Point Shot – 6 Makes

21. Free Throws – 15 Makes

Download as a PDF

As always, I’ve made this workout into a printable PDF so that you can share it with your players and they can easily write down their attempts. I’ve designed it so that the workout pages should last each player 7 days. Hopefully it encourages them to workout every single day of the week!

Click here to download the LeBron James Shooting Workout as a PDF – (Right click and click Save Link As…)


What do you think about this shooting workout? Do you want to see more basketball workouts in future posts? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments!



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