The Crunch Time King Workout by David Nurse

NBA Shooting Coach David Nurse

NBA Shooting Coach David Nurse

David Nurse is regarded as one of the top shooters in the world and top professional shooting and skills trainers for NBA players. He has helped develop some of the top shooters and players in the NBA and high level NCAA division 1 including Chris Lofton, Lee Humphrey, Aron Baynes, and Aaron Gordon to name a few.

It is different to our usual workouts in that instead of shooting until the required amount of makes, you’re shooting for a set amount of time and counting the makes.

Want to know why you should follow David’s workout?

David holds four different world records:
1. Most college 3’s made in 1 minute.
2. Most NBA 3’s made in 1 minute.
3. Most consecutive 3’s in 45 seconds.
4. Most 3’s in 5 minutes.
That’s incredible!

On that note, let’s jump into the workout!

Workout Overview:

As stated above, this workout is timed. You will complete each drill for a certain period of time and then move on to the next one.

‘The Crunch Time King’ workout is short and sharp as you’re able to complete it in about 30 minutes when free throws are taken into account. Though this workout can be completed alone, a partner would help a lot with timing, keeping track of the number of makes, and writing them down.

All drills are explained in the PDF which you can download below.

The Crunch Time King Workout

1. Perfects (Form Shooting).

2. Volcano Drill.

3. Two Free Throws.

4. Two Ball, Two Chair Handoff Jumpers.

5. Two Free Throws

6. Two Ball Variety Pack.

7. Two Free Throws.

8. 3pt Full Arsenal.

9. Two Free Throws.

10. 2 Ball Quick Release.

11. Two Free Throws.

Download Workout as a PDF:

Download and print out this workout to give to your players.

Click here to download David Nurse’s Crunch Time King Workout as a PDF (Right click and click ‘Save Link As…’).


Find out more about David Nurse

To find out more about David and the services he can provide check out his website at http://www.perfectshotsshooting.com/free-training-video/.

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