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What is the Elam Ending? (Full Explanation of the Rules)

When watching the end of a close basketball game, you’ll likely see numerous fouls by the trailing team as they attempt to extend the game.

The “Elam Ending” was created to mitigate late-game fouling and maintain a natural flow to the basketball game until the final buzzer sounds.

While it’s still a relatively new concept, it has grown in popularity and even made its way to the highest levels of basketball.

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Steph Curry Shooting Form (10 Steps to a Perfect Shot)

If there’s one skill that absolutely rules the modern game of basketball, it’s shooting.

The game is dominated by guards who can shoot from virtually anywhere and basically every player on the court has to provide spacing, too.

If you were to select the face of this new age of long-distance shooting and floor spacing, there would be none more deserving than Steph Curry.

A dominant guard whose limitless range is matched only by his confidence.

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