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8 Reasons Why You MUST Use Small-Sided Games

Small-sided games are awesome. I love them and use them in every youth basketball practice I run. I think you should too.

In my blog post on creating a youth basketball practice, I emphasised the importance of small-sided games in youth sports. This being a new concept to some coaches, I received a few emails asking why exactly are they’re so important or wanting more information on the subject.

Most of the questions I received basically summed up into this question…

“Why are small-sided games so important? If the players play 5 on 5 in a game, wouldn’t it be silly for them to practice with fewer players?”

Understandable question and I can definitely see why some coaches may question the concept of small-sided games for quicker and easier development of our players.

To answer this question I decided to create this blog post of the 8 reasons you MUST use small-sided games in every practice.

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