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How to Shoot a Reverse Layup in Basketball (4-Step Guide)

The hanging, spinning reverse layup has found its way into the highlight reels of some of the world’s most gifted stars.

A staple of Kobe Bryant’s slashing drives to the hoop, the reverse flummoxes big men and is an indispensable move for shorter players driving into the paint.

When done correctly, the reverse layup is virtually unblockable and can be executed in tight areas in the blink of an eye.

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Allen Iverson Crossover (Break Ankles in 3 Easy Steps)

There are few moves in basketball more effective for blowing by your defender than the “Allen Iverson Crossover”.

It looks like an incredibly simple move at surface level, but it works at any level of competition.

Anyone can execute the basic variation of the move, but there’s only one king when it comes to crossovers, and his name is Allen Iverson.

In this blog post I’ll break down the Allen Iverson crossover and give you a step-by-step guide on how to execute it yourself.

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Steph Curry Shooting Form (10 Steps to a Perfect Shot)

If there’s one skill that absolutely rules the modern game of basketball, it’s shooting.

The game is dominated by guards who can shoot from virtually anywhere and basically every player on the court has to provide spacing, too.

If you were to select the face of this new age of long-distance shooting and floor spacing, there would be none more deserving than Steph Curry.

A dominant guard whose limitless range is matched only by his confidence.

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