Shooting Workout from Elite Skills Trainer Jeremy Russotti

JeremyBackgroundThis week we’re lucky enough to receive a shooting workout from elite skills trainer Jeremy Russotti.

Jeremy has trained some big names in basketball including Jeremy Lin, recently drafted Shabazz Muhammad, and current NBA D-League star Josh Akognon.

Workout Overview:

This is a workout Jeremy gave Josh Akognon when he was younger and training by himself. It incorporates a lot of common shots with free-throws in-between.

Don’t forget to check out the extra page in the PDF which explains each drill in more detail.

Approximate Duration:

If alternating with a partner it will take about an hour and fifteen minutes.

Green Room Training Shooting Workout:

1. 15 Foot Jump Shots – 20 makes.

2. Free Throws – 4 makes.

3. Shoot off Dribble from Triple Threat – 20 makes.

4. Free Throws – 4 makes.

5. Three Point Shots – 20 makes.

6. Free Throws – 4 makes.

7. 15 Foot Bank Shots – Alternate Sides – 20 makes.

8. Free Throws – 4 makes.

9. Curl Shots – Wing/Elbow Area – 20 makes.

10. Free Throws – 4 makes.

11. Three Point Shots – 20 makes.

12. Free Throws – 4 makes.

13. Two-Dribble Pull Ups – 20 makes.

14. Free Throws – 4 makes.

15. Transition Pull Up Three’s – 20 makes.

16. Free Throws – 4 makes.

17. Baseline Fade Shots – 20 makes.

18. Free Throws – 4 makes.

Download Workout as a PDF:

Download and print out this workout to give to your players.

Click here to download the Green Room Training Shooting Workout as a PDF (Right click and click ‘Save Link As…’).


Find out more about Jeremy Russotti

For more workouts by Jeremy Russotti or to find out more about him visit www.skilltrainingu.com or www.1percentclub.org.


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