What is Effective Field Goal Percentage? (eFG% Explained)

Over the last few decades, basketball statistics and analysis has moved forwards by leaps and bounds, altering how people watch, play, and evaluate the game.

Nothing has had a bigger impact on the game than the explosion of three point shooting which has grown exponentially over time.

And with that, we’re looking for better ways to evaluate shooting ability.

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How to Play Around the World in Basketball (Full Instructions)

Around the World is a classic basketball game played during basketball practices and on driveways all over the world.

The game works on shooting skills with competition built into the drill, making it a fun game for all ages to play.

To win the game, a player must make 9 shots from specific spots on the court before their opponent does. Each player can only advance to the next spot after making a shot.

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What is the “Gather Step” Rule in Basketball? (Explained)

A gather step refers to an extra third step that a player can make after picking up their dribble.

In the NBA the count begins with the first step taken after a player has stopped dribbling.

This first step is often referred to as the “zero” step, with two additional steps being allowed afterward.

This means the pivot foot technically can hit the ground before the ball is either shot or passed without a travel being called.

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