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What is a Hedge in Basketball? (Simple 4-Step Guide)

One of the most commonly used offensive actions across the world is the pick-and-roll.

And one of the most common ways to defend the pick-and-roll is by “hedging.”

This is important to know, because whether you’re playing in the NBA Finals, for your HS team, or pickup at at the local court, it’s impossible to play a game without defending a pick-and-roll.

So you better understand how to do it well!

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1-2-2 Press – Complete Coaching Guide (Includes Images)

Basketball is a game of flow.

When a team is playing well, they’re usually advancing the ball quickly down the court with an attacking mindset. The ball moves quickly and easily. Offensive players play confidently and decisively.

It’s the job of the defense to try to break the offensive team’s rhythm.

One way to do this is through full court zone pressure, which can create indecision and force the offense to reverse the ball multiple times to cross the half court line.

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Triangle and 2 Defense – Complete Coaching Guide

If you’re coaching against a team where two players do most of the scoring, it might be the perfect opportunity to implement the triangle and 2 defense.

The triangle and 2 defense is a “junk defense” that can give your team a unique option to stop an offense that revolves mostly around only two players.

Note: A ‘junk defense’ is a defense that combines man-to-man and zone principles together.

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