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How to Play Around the World in Basketball (Full Instructions)

Around the World is a classic basketball game played during basketball practices and on driveways all over the world.

The game works on shooting skills with competition built into the drill, making it a fun game for all ages to play.

To win the game, a player must make 9 shots from specific spots on the court before their opponent does. Each player can only advance to the next spot after making a shot.

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How to Run the Shell Drill in Basketball (Defensive Drill)

One of the most versatile drills a coach can use to teach defensive concepts is the Shell Drill.

This drill allows coaches to explain defensive responsibilities in a controlled environment.

Progressions are limited only by the coach’s creativity in crafting the drill itself.

When a coach begins teaching players how to play solid defense, it’s important to start with the basic fundamentals… and this drill gives coaches the perfect opportunity to do that.

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How to Play 21 in Basketball (Instructions and Videos)

Every player has played the “21” basketball game before.

It’s similar to traditional 1-on-1, except there are multiple defenders to score against.

It’s not a game you’ll often see at an organized basketball practice. Rather, it’s a basketball game kids will play for fun at the local park or after school.

In this blog post, I’ll show you exactly how it works.

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5 Basketball Agility Drills to Improve Footwork and Body Control

Agility is the ability for a player to move quickly and easily around the court, changing directions effortlessly and using elite body control to change speeds.

Agile players have an advantage because they can quickly react to opponents and be the first players to get their hands on a loose ball.

To train this, many coaches will use basketball agility drills before and during the season.

These drills are designed to improve body control, footwork, coordination, and balance.

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How to Run the Three Man Weave Drill (and Why You Should)

Practice time is precious to a coach, regardless of age level.

No matter if you’re coaching your child’s elementary school team or preparing for the NBA Finals, every team needs some warm up activity at the beginning of practice to get blood flowing both physically and mentally.

One of the most popular warm up drills for basketball teams is the “Three Man Weave”.

This drill works on passing and catching on the fast break, communication, finishing, and running the floor hard.

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